Sew Hip 40 has arrived!

Sew Hip 40 has arrived at the All Craft Media office! This issue includes patterns for a chic beret seen on our cover, an amazing embroidered lampshade and an oversized clutch. We no longer have the pull out pattern sheet but instead all the patterns are inside or can be downloaded.


3 Responses to “Sew Hip 40 has arrived!”
  1. Liona says:

    Hate the new pattern thing. You are obviously bing money by not including the pattern sheet. It is such a hassle to print or photocopy pattern in larger size that I probably won’t be inspired to make anything. What a pity I have been buying Sew Hip since the very first issue. Boo hiss to the change

  2. Jane says:

    Extremely unhappy that the pattern sheet has been stopped,without consulting the readership. i have searched your site, I cannot find where i download the pattern, can you tell me where it is please. I agree I am no longer likely to make things from the mag or carry on buying (have subscribed from the beginning) without a pattern sheet. It is too much hassle to take the mag into a print shop and have to pay for enlargements, it is just not spontaneous enough. PLEASE bring the patern sheet back.

  3. Liz says:

    USELESS!! I only bought the magazine to get the pattern pieces missing from issue 39. I can’t print at 200% or 100% on my ancient printer, so that’s £4.99 down the drain . I shan’t buy the magazine again.

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