Hello again you lovely sewistas,


We’re blogging to apologise for not including two of the Retro Bag pattern pieces in issue 39. So if you’re wanting to make it, you now have everything you need! Just click on the picture below and print at 100% to ensure it’s the correct size. So you can double check, the height of the smaller piece is 21cm from top to bottom.

We’re also printing the paper pieces in the next issue.

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to make it but hopefully you can now whizz it up and wow your friends and family!


In issue 38 we ran a wonderful feature on Louise O’Mahoney and unfortunately didn’t credit the photography. We’d like to apologise for this. Please find the image credits below:

Louise in her studio
Photographe: Rory Dickenson

50’s Red/white/black dresses
Photographer: Tino & Pip
Stylist: 50’s wedding blog

White and Pink tulle Dress
Photographer: Julian M Kilsby
Model: Olga
Stylist: Pash X

Blue Silk Taffeta Dress
Photographer: Bernard Yeoh
Model: Mia Gerhardt
Stylist: Pash X

3 Responses to “Errata”
  1. Becky says:

    An errore has orrcured on the script on this page and unable to print the 2 pattern pieces that is missing from issue 39.

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