The Sewing Cafe Table Decorations

Hello you fabulous readers!

This here is an apology to The Sewing Cafe – in this issue (35 – OUT TODAY!) we featured their wine glass tags in their Table Decorations project photos and didn’t put the tag holders on the glasses the right way. Please see them image below to see the correct way to attach your wine glass tags.

Hope you enjoy making your own table decorations! I’ve already started making the placemats!


One Response to “The Sewing Cafe Table Decorations”
  1. mokas says:

    i found your magazine a couple months ago!
    yesterday i bought the issue 35, it does have one pull-out pattern inside! but the bags’ (p54) pattern isn’t in it. i wonder if there was another pull-out, and it is in the shop, or is it just missing??
    thank you

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