Summer headscarf

Hello there, while Alice is off at her friend’s wedding for a few days I thought I’d sneak in and share a little sewing that I’ve been doing with you all. While rushing out the door to the zoo the other day I realised that I didn’t have a hat to hand for either of my 2 smallest girls (3 years and 6 months) I grabbed the nearest piece of material I had, which happened to be a half yard piece of Anna Maria Horner’s new gorgeous voile fabric that I bought from one of my all time favourite fabric shops, Fabricworm.

As I was pushed for time I did nothing more than cut out 2 squares, leave the edges raw and fold them in half to make headscarves, tied them on the girlies heads and ran out the door. The next day though, I decided to make them properly as they both kept them on their heads all day and looked super cute as well. So here’s what I did :

Cut a square measuring approx 18 inches each side.

Turn with wrong side facing and press each raw edge over approx 1.5cm.

Sew in place.

Fold in half to make a triangle. Press to make nice neat edge.

Tie it on the head of a small child and voila!

3 Responses to “Summer headscarf”
  1. Fiona says:

    She looks so cute in it, great quick fix and lovely fabric.

  2. Lia says:

    aaaaackkkk what a cute little baby

  3. very cute. loove the fabric

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