A mid-May resolution

My best friend is getting married in three weeks. Everything is ready, we’ve organised the church service, sent out the invites and had the RSVPs back, we’ve got food (and cream tea, yum!) and bridesmaids dresses and BRIDES dress, we’ve got first dance through to last dance (that’ll be me on my own I think) planned.

Yes, everything is ready… except my evening dress. Now I don’t really do ‘dressy’, at least not evening dress. Most days I look like a student at an agricultural college. I wear flats (often loafers, never boat shoes) with rolled up trousers and long cardigans, and I frequently sport a top knot – I’m from Cirencester, what can I say, it’s in my blood. But dressy dresses are not my forte. So after five hours (no exaggeration) of shuffling around Bath culminating in me crying in Topshop when NOTHING fitted properly, led me to try something a bit new.

Now I know folksy is trying to be the British Etsy, but I’ve got to say, at the moment it’s really lagging behind its American counterpart. But yesterday I found the MOST beautiful dress. It’s the sort of dress you want to twirl in. And guess what? It’s being custom made, in my chosen colour, just for me and my measurements… I’m very excited! Have a nosey at it here: http://www.folksy.com/items/447754-Black-White-Polka-Dots-Cotton-Ruffles-Cap-Sleeves-Cocktail-Dress?shop=yes

Now I’ve got my eye on a coat/cloak and another dress from there! Anyway, all of this got me thinking… why don’t I make more of my own clothes? I’m perfectly capable. I know the patterns that go into the magazine inside out and upside down so I’m sure I could make them (the tea dress from issue 18 is first on my list). The biggest thing is that I don’t have the patience. I can’t be bothered with all that pressing and sewing and folding and pressing again. But my new resolution is to try. First up I’m testing a skirt pattern from DIY Couture (www.diycouture.co.uk), then I’m going to make the beautiful tea dress (you can see that next issue, out at the end of the month) and then the tulip skirt (also in issue 18) in a nice smart linen for the office.

Wish me luck! Alice x

9 Responses to “A mid-May resolution”
  1. Nic says:

    That dress is ace!! I agree, that is really a dancy, spinny dress. Also agree with your comments on Folksy too!

  2. Popbabe7 says:

    I’m not surprised you didn’t find anything in Topshop… I’m a huge dress lover (I own about 80) but none of them are coming from Topshop! I’m pleased you found a dress though. Dress making looks so fun but I still lack the skills at the moment. I’m not lacking of ideas though!


  3. Fiona Pullen says:

    Look forward to seeing what you make! The DIY Couture books are really good and look easy to follow. Good luck x

  4. Amy says:

    I love it! I love the ruffles! Amazing find – hope it comes to you fitting like a glove. I never think of folksy I must get more involved..

    • aliblackledge says:

      Folksy takes a bit of patience… its not the easiest site to navigate! But it’s worth it to know it won’t cost the earth to ship!

  5. Ooh and you should make that bonkers moebius wrap you did yonks ago – can’t remember which issue; at least 9 or 10 issues ago I’d say. I never got round to it but I thought it would be perfect for evenings at summer parties/weddings coz you could make it quite dressy.
    Make sure you post your makings up on the blog, we need to see them!
    x x x

  6. Jenny says:

    I find the difficult part is deciding that you are going to make yourself something. Its so easy to goto topshop and buy something ready made but you really can’t beat it when someone says “oh your dress is lovely where is it from?!” and you can say “actually I made it myself *SMUG FACE*”. That feels great! x

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Alice! I’ve just found your site. Can you tell me what magazine Issue 18 refers to? I hope you have a great time at the wedding!

  8. Leonie says:

    Hiya. Hoping you can help. I made the gorgeous rainbow playmat for a friend, in an issue around 6 months ago, using the same fabric from The Little Lavender Patch. I want some more of the fabric for another project, but they have shut up shop! Do you know where they are, or where I could source more from? Looking forward to what’s in store next month!! Hope you can help.

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