As I’m sure you’re all well aware, sometimes, mistakes happen!

For the last couple of issues I’ve been working away like the busiest of busy bees writing the features, interviews and regular slots… oh and checking patterns and drawing illustrations (I draw them all!) and helping out on photos shoots… and planning future issues and commissioning designers and designing my own patterns (yes, it’s been busy!) and with all this going on I’m really sad to say that a wee mistake has slipped through the net in issue 17.

It’s one that personally I feel particularly guilty about. Firstly because Sewbox is a brand new shiny website and, as with all new business ventures, they need all the support they can get… so my goof up hasn’t helped matters. Secondly because Leah (who runs Sewbox) is SO lovely and I know she was really disappointed by the misprint.

SO on news, page 10, of issue 17 of Sew Hip magazine we stated that the Sew Box website is http://www.sewbox.com… which in fact is a weird American site selling biblical outfits and animals hats. What we SHOULD have said is that Sewbox (all one word) can be found at http://www.sewbox.co.uk

THIS is the lovely lovely Sewbox website at http://www.sewbox.co.uk

This is the beautiful homepage that awaits you! And I promise that it is just the most lovely haberdashery site we’ve seen in a long time. My absolute favourite things are the complete pattern kits – buy a pattern and the fabric and EVERYTHING you need to make up the pattern all in one place. Genius, no? So that’s Sewbox at http://www.sewbox.co.uk

So yes, HUGE apologies to Leah for this mix up… I think my brain is just so full of magazine-ness that that one got away. xx

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  1. Leah Taylor says:

    Hi Alice,

    Please, don’t feel bad about it…! I know it was a mistake and you’ve genuinely been doing a fantastic job on the magazine – it’s just one of those things. I am sure I speak for lots of crafters out there when I say Sew Hip is going from strength to strength, it’s always a fab read and it sounds like a lot of that is down to your pure hard work and dedication. It’s a really easy mistake to make and it’s just as silly of me to set up with .co.uk and not also owning sewbox.com! Lesson learnt ;-P

    have a lovely weekend and thanks for the correction, it’s really appreciated xxx

  2. Aw, don’t beat yourself up – you’ve done loads here to correct it – at least in this age you can correct it real-time, unlike in my olden days in magazine publishing where once it was out it was out! Scary. The number of irate advertisers I had on my hands. Gulp!
    I can’t wait to see the issue – would you believe the new one isn’t in my newsagent yet! Curse me for not renewing my subscription in a timely fashion, darn it!
    x x x

  3. pattie gibson says:

    i saw in ur mag. that u can subscribe via internet, to a completely internet mag, but i dont see a link for that on the site….only for mail subscription. is there a different link?

  4. Popbabe7 says:

    Hi Ali

    It’s the ones who do nothing who never make mistakes- not sure if it makes sense in English but this is one of my favourite French saying. I’m so pleased I’ve managed to finally get hold of issue 17 by the way. I shop weekly at Tesco’s and was wondering why I couldn’t find Sew Hip. I made a special trip to Asda to find it, but it was definitely worth it! There are lots of patterns and ideas for beginners like me- fantastic!
    Your article on indie designers getting their ideas stolen by high-street retailers reminded me of something I saw yesterday: The lunch bag that appeared in issue 14, I swear I saw an nearly identical one in the shop window of Next yesterday. You might want to check it out!

    Thanks for all the good work, I really enjoy reading the magazine every month.


    Popbabe7 (Dorine)

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