Deadline day!

Today is deadline day for issue 15. So we are all squirreling away trying to get things done at a reasonable hour.

I’m waiting to have a look at the contents page, so I thought you might just like to know what’s coming up in the next issue (due out at the end of Feb). We have the most gorgeous baby going on the front cover – baby Isis is the daughter of one of our photographers and she is just beautiful. This issue she is modelling (although mostly just looking-cute-neat-to) our circle quilt, which is very clever indeed, and is going to be a good make for a bit of fabric stash busting too!

We’ve also got the pleated tunic that was on the back cover of last issue – it’s an advanced level pattern, but if you wanted to just take the tutorial for using transfers to personalise clothes it’d be a good alternative for less experienced seamstresses. I have to admit that I’m really not very good with dressmaking patterns, I think I just don’t have the patience!

Then tucked away at the back of the magazine is Tiny Ellie, our little elephant softie! She’s all handsewn, made from felt and odds and ends for embellishment, and she is really very good! Actually, as it happens, she was also made by my flatmate Emily Freeman (put a face to the name by taking a look at our contributors pics in the front!) who is the queen of felt – she really is jolly clever when it comes to stitching up dinky little things, and it’s very convenient living with someone so crafty.

This issue will also see my first (and slightly over-excited) editors letter. Massive apologies for the truly terrible photo that will accompany it – we went out and about in Bristol, peak commuter time, and I don’t photograph well at the best of times… let alone when thirty angry middle-aged businessmen and women are staring at me holding the grey-board in front of my face!

Right, onwards and upwards… I think we all need a nice cup of tea.

Let me know what you think of the next issue.

Alice x

Ooh and we’re on twitter now, so you can follow @sewhip to get live updates – although for the most part they are incredibly mundane! x

One Response to “Deadline day!”
  1. Alice says:

    Loved Issue 15, was starting to wane on the last few issues of Sew Hip which lacked the quirky attraction of the first issues. Well done, just in time for my subscription renewal 🙂

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