As you can probably imagine we have a lot of books, fabric samples, swatches etc in the Sew Hip office. Every day the postman arrives its a little bit like Christmas with all kinds of goodies being sent to us to review. We’re getting to the point when our offices are almost full to bursting with all the little piles of fabric and threads so we contacted everyone who has sent us samples and asked them for their permission to organise a giveaway to some of our blog readers, and they said yes!

To be in with a chance of winning an envelope of fabric, patterns, threads, needles and more all you have to do is to leave us a comment here with 3 reasons that you like Sew Hip. We’ll pick 3 winners on June 1st and your envelope of treats will be on its way to you shortly after. It is pot luck what you’ll receive, we can’t let you know in advance and you can’t choose. International people are welcome to enter however your envelope will be sent via surface mail so may take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

We’re going to be announcing a similar yarny giveaway on the Yarn Forward blog at some point this week as well, you are more than welcome to enter both. I can see a lovely tidy and spring cleaned office in our future!

146 Responses to “Giveaway”
  1. Today was the first time to read your wonderful magazine! Being in USA, I miss out on some of the most interesting sewing related periodicals . So now after pouring through “Sew Hip” I am looking to subscribe! Thanks for providing the most up to date modern sewing magazine out!

  2. CELINE says:

    – It’s approchable
    – It’s unique
    – It’s full of inspiration

  3. Just 3 reasons why I like Sew Hip…… hmmmm

    1. They give away nice things
    2. It’s Sew inspiring
    3. It’s Sew pretty.

  4. bagladee says:

    Ooooh what a lovely idea, I would love to enter. I love Sew Hip because….its showcases the best of UK crafters, every issue is crammed with so many ideas and articles and because I love crafts and its the best mag on the market.

    Emma x

  5. Kate says:

    a) you’ve reawakened the 10 year old sewer within me. only this time its not clothes for my barbie, it’s clothes for 30 year old me!
    b) you’ve shown me just how many possibilities there are with this wonderful tool I own… my quilt hang ups about “folksy” are out the window!
    c) your lovely header – brown and pink are my favourite!

    would love an opportunity to win πŸ™‚
    thank you!

    • Kelly Reeves says:

      I’ve only just found your magazine. But so far, my three favourite things are:

      1. The super-modern ideas, no frumpy stuff!

      2. Easy to read and follow.

      3. Great tips for an (extreme) amatuer like me!

  6. Jackie says:

    Oooh, please count me in for the giveaway. My three reasons I love Sew Hip are …

    1. it totally inspires me to make stuff

    2. it teaches me how to do things properly. I’ve sewn on and off for years and always ‘fudged it’ or stuck to making square stuff – now I finally feel like I’m actually learning some techniques

    3. it is lovely and portable so it lets me indulge in my crafting obsession in bed bath, on the train, and even in the bath!


  7. I’m a newbie to Sew Hip having bought my first copy a week ago, it’s taken me that long to work my way through it! It’s thoroughly rekindled my love for sewing. Cant wait for the next issue.
    1. There’s a huge range of patterns for all taastes and all abilities.
    2. The photo’s of other peoples work is inspirational (I actually drooled over some, but dont tell anyone)
    3. Sew Hip appeals to me as I feel it was put together/written by a friend with me in mind!

  8. Nina Houslay says:

    I like sew hip because it has great fabrics featured, great designers featured, and it’s easy to get hold of…..

  9. Francesca says:

    I love Sew hip because its very inspiring the minute I have finished reading it I have to go and create something .I love the simple step by step easy to follow instructions .I love the style and fabrics that are used .Im in my early 30 and consider my self fashionable and hip so I think you are on the right track with this magazine .Its about time we had a magazine like sew hip in the UK.
    Thanks from sesga xx

  10. Saraheliza says:

    how exciting!

    So – three reasons I’m loving Sew Hip are:
    1 – the variety of projects covering lots of different techniques and crafts
    2 – the fun / trendy style of the projects
    3 – I’ve finally been motivated to do a mystery quilt after years of wanting to

  11. Sarah says:

    I love Sew Hip because:

    I can get it digitally for cheap instead of paying huge amounts for international shipping.

    It has something for everyone.

    It’s fresh and inspiring.

  12. Nicole says:

    I love Sew Hip because in each issue there at least 3 things I want to make immediately.(1) There are lovely photos of fabric and such *drools* (2) The interviews are inspiring (3) oh and now an intriguing give away as well! πŸ™‚

  13. Judith says:

    Why do I love Sew Hip?
    1. Its contemporary.
    2. Lots of different projects and pull-out patterns.
    3. Its getting better all the time (I did make lots of things from Issue 2 though!)
    And now my daughters have bought me a gift subscription. Lucky me!

  14. woody says:

    It is fun and funky, has easy projects and I love having a magazine delivered to my door!!

  15. Redwitch says:

    I love Sew Hip because, it’s British, it’s well written and it contains a wide range of up to date projects for new and advanced crafters.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Emma says:


    Ok, my three reasons are:

    1. It gives me an hour or so peace while I read it, then hours more when I make and try out all the great designs inside.
    2. It’s great for children. I find so much ‘crafty’ things are aimed at girls, but my little boys have loved the things so far – my five year old can’t wait to have a go at making an alien keyring in this issue.
    3. It’s made me look about for ‘things’ (husband’s shirts etc) to recycle. Just don’t tell him!!! πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the great work – I look forward to each issue.

  17. Celeste says:

    1. It’s from the UK. So it’s likely to be easy to get hold of the things you write about.
    2. It has both easy quick projects, and harder more time consuming projects.
    3. Both styling of the magazine and the projects are great so it’s inspiring to flick through.

  18. I like Sew Hip because:
    it is bringing sewing back to a new generation of stitchers
    it is not afraid of extolling the virtues of the web to all stitchers
    it features great new designers

  19. Donna says:

    I have not missed an issue since it has been available, i was more than happy to finally see a magazine dedicated to sewing that wasn’t fuddy dudy πŸ˜‰ and that real is Sew hip :)!

    1) I love it because the book reviews are really good, i have bought two books from the review page :)and my wish list on Amazon just gets bigger with each magazine release
    2) The projects are varied, and there is something for all levels of crafters.
    3) I love that when i buy sew hip that there are small projects featured, because it means i could start something from the magazine that day and get it finished quickly. Which make them ideal for little gifts.

  20. Amy says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I’m totally loving Sew Hip because:

    1. It’s full of inspiration, without being intimidating.

    2. It’s packed with a great selection of patterns for all skill levels.

    3. I love that a variety of crafts are featured.

  21. Margaret says:

    I have just subscribed and was very happy with the free gift, as was a lovely little doorstop which has made my girls very happy. The girls (and hubby) like the children’s craft ideas (little felt monsters) and we have been out to buy felt so can make the monsters for our next rainy day project, and it is written in a friendly and easy to read format with some nice patterns and ideas.

  22. Louiz says:

    My three reasons are:

    1. You give me the confidence to try things I wouldn’t otherwise try.
    2. You showcase designers and fabrics that may not be familiar to your UK readership.
    3. You don’t assume your readers know what everything, but nothing talks down to them.

    And a bonus 4. You have brilliant subscriber gifts and giveaways!

  23. stacysews says:

    1. Trendy, yet uncomplicated projects to sew.
    2. Great articles!
    3. It’s inspiring – it makes me want to try new techniques!

  24. Julie G says:

    can i enter if i am in the usa?
    well, if sew….
    sparks my creativity
    love the photographs
    cool mag to pass on to my sister..great new ideas

  25. Clare says:

    What a lovely idea,
    3 reasons why I’m loving Sew Hip are:
    1- each issue is very different and ecxiting,
    2- projects are modern and fun
    3- projects can be made from easy to obtain materials

    I just love it.

  26. Estee says:

    I love SewHip because:

    1. Its a fun and bright magazine;
    2. Its projects are up to date and for beginner knowledge;
    3. I love your interviews/reviews, they are always so inspiring.

  27. Angie says:

    my top 3 reasons:

    1. The inspiration to sew it gives me
    2. Great mag to share around with other crafty types (considering it took a while for me to find copies of it!)
    3. The variety of crafts & articles in each issue.

    6 weeks….I can wait that long!

  28. Kate says:

    Three reasons to love Sew Hip:

    I’m inspired to make things every month.
    I don’t have to wade through pages of adverts.
    I’m slowly being converted to the idea of quilting (which is a bit scary!)

  29. i think this is an amazing magazine because you feature interesting and honest reviews, projects for all abilities and its uk based!

  30. Lisa says:

    I love Sew Hip because:

    It’s funky
    It’s inspiring
    It’s making people that sewing is something great to do rather than something daggy that your gran does!

    It’s also a one of a kind in Australia and it takes me back to when I lived in London!

  31. Teresa says:

    I love Sew Hip for the following reasons

    1. Simple, effective patterns with easy-to-follow instructions.
    2. Interesting and inspiring reviews of crafters/designers.
    3. Helpful book and produce reviews.

  32. monique says:

    Three reasons?

    1. At last there is a magazine with my favourite bloggers in.
    2. It is not a magazine like we have seen before , it is fresh !
    3. The projects are all very different, not just one type but lot of types

  33. Claire says:

    I have loved Sew Hip from day 1 because:

    1. It speaks to the modern contempory sewer, with gorgeous patterns to make.

    2. The interviews with the designers/ producers are great, I can’t get enough of nosing round their studios and how they are inspired, and go about making things!

    3. There is something for all levels of sewers, even children.

    Bonus: Articles on print and pattern is great, plus your how to series.

    I don’t think you can get better than that!

    Thank you

  34. Ann says:

    Three things I like about Sew Hip:-
    Available in the UK
    Has things I want to make in it
    Not cheesy

  35. I have read every issue of Sew Hip since it has been published. It is a great magazine.

    Here are my 3 reasons why I love the magazine:-
    1. It is a modern and inspirational magazine.
    2. I love the ideas that can be done with children aswell as adults.
    3. Its helped me make longer, fashionaable and unique trousers for my 3 year old daughter.

  36. Feines StΓΆffchen says:

    I like Sew Hip because


    …. innovative
    …. inspiring
    …. has great designers

    Best wishes, Kati

  37. nana says:

    on the web and easy to find

  38. Sue says:

    Love the idea of your give a way. So here goes:-

    * I run an after school textile group and use some of the children’s ideas published in your magazine – we are working on the aliens at the moment.

    * My just 7 year old grandaughter is an avid stitcher and loves looking at Sew Hip. During the half term she is going to make the delightful dress in Issue 6. A great magazine encouraging the next generation.

    * Informative articles re the latest designers and websites.

    Thank you for all of the above.

  39. Fiona says:

    The best magazine for people like me who love to make things and are interested in fabric design. My three reasons are:
    1. I look forward to seeing the new issue in the shop as it is full of inspirational projects
    2. It is easy to follow and understand
    3. Great mix of patterns and interviews

  40. gill says:

    I love sew hip because it’s

  41. Sally Greenway says:

    Never considered buying a sewing mag before, but now make special trip in lunch hour to purchase

    Has finally given me the perfect excuse to indulge in fabric hoarding

    My kids now showing an interest in the wonderful world of sewing πŸ˜‰

  42. aneela says:

    3!! of my reasons for loving Sew hip:

    1. It’s British;
    2. It help’s me feel part of a great creative
    3. I love getting the inside know how from great
    designer’s and writers.

  43. Sarah says:

    I love that I can always count on finding great pattern review, contemporary style and great writing! Thanks!

  44. Sarah says:

    I love Sew Hip because:
    1. It’s easily digestible. I don’t find myself skipping over things because they are out of my league. Even the more difficult projects are presented clearly and encouragingly. And at the end, I want to start over at the beginning and read it again!
    2. Your projects are just as appealing to advanced sewers as to beginner sewers. I have just learned to sew and am just as excited about the clothes making and quilt making as my mom who has been sewing for years and years.
    3. Your book reviews and pattern reviews are spot on! It’s so much nicer to know in advance what to look out for in a pattern.
    I’m so glad I found your magazine!! Keep up the excellent work!

  45. Sazzie says:

    Three reasons why I love Sew Hip –

    * Lots of projects in every issue I want to make, (currently making the summer wrap)

    * Excellent book and pattern reviews.

    * Pull out pattern in every issue.

  46. Rebecca says:

    I enjoy Sew Hip because:

    1 It’s so good to see a British magazine with such a cosmopolitan outlook.

    2 The pull-out patterns, such a great idea, means you really can decide to sew something on the spur of the moment.

    3 It isn’t overrun with advertisements but there is a good selection of smaller, more unusual companies advertising.

  47. Three reasons why I like sew hip…

    1. Exciting and fun patterns which combine innovation, practicality, thrift and beauty.

    2. You have brought an appreciation and understanding of handmade to the textile market.

    3. Promotion of talented textile designers with facinating articles on how they explore and develop their work.

  48. Amanda says:

    I love Sew Hip because:-
    1)It’s inspiring
    2)It has started me sewing again
    3)It has interesting and varied articles across a range of sewing subjects.
    The only thing that puzzles me is the Sew Hip ‘promise on the first page. It always seems grammatically incorrect to me!

  49. Rachel says:

    Do I have to restrict myself to just 3 reasons?! OK…
    * Inspirational words & pictures
    * Accessible projects
    * Gorgeous to look at
    Keep up the good work.

  50. Nicola Pengelly says:

    Sew hip is a truly inspirational magazine for all ages and abilities, so many congratulations for a wonderful publication!

    My three reasons for loving Sew Hip so much are:

    1. It gives me the confidence to upskill my sewing techniques in the comfort of my own home.

    2. The magazine is so full of useful information: from the patterns which have easy to follow and clear instructions with photos; to the sewing definitions; the fabulous reviews (brought Sew Weekend!) and the really useful links to shops and contacts.

    3. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I finish a project from the magazine, especially if I have made it as a gift or if someone comments on something that I am wearing that I made myself!

    BUT…The only thing that I don’t like is I can’t switch my sewing head off when I go to bead at night and dream of sewing patterns, fabrics and adaptations of patterns… so much so that I have to get out of the bed at 5am in the morning to start sewing… much to be husbands delight who finds me sitting at my machine four hours later still in my PJ’s!!!!

  51. Heather says:

    I love SewHip because:

    1. Its a fresh mag with a young feel,
    2. Its good for beginners,
    3. It makes me feel like I can try the harder projects. (I never would have gone out and bought a dress pattern far too scary, but now I can give it a go!!!)

  52. 1. I love the different kinds of features, articles and reviews – there’s something quick to dip into, but longer articles for when you have time to sit down and read. I like the different length features on makers, every page feels different even if there are lots of interviews.
    2. It’s very reasonably priced, compared to other sewing magazines that I’ve looked at.
    3. I’ve been asked to design a pattern by the magazine, so it really does take an interest in independent makers. And I still want to buy it to see what other people are doing, and to make things from their patterns.

    Thank you.

  53. Lisa says:

    Of all of the sewing magazines, this one fits my style the best.
    I love that the projects are actually interesting to me, well put together, and make me want to dig through my stash or head to the fabric store.
    Lastly, I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that I wait almost a month to get the current subscription here in the US.

  54. Barbara says:

    Today is the first I’ve ever heard of your magazine and blog, and I love them both. It’s refreshing to see how others in other countries construct garments, the styles, and trends. Also, some sewing terms are different, too.

    My reasons for loving Sew Hip:

    1. It’s got trendy and fashionable styles.
    2. Colorful – so never boring.
    3. Educational and fun.

  55. Leigh Ann says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Sew Hip because it’s helping transform the culture of “home-made bleak” into “hand-made chic”! The projects are super simple and up-to-date! It has the perfect blend of tutorials, artist profiles, and go-to crafty websites. Sew Hip ain’t your mama’s craft mag!

  56. Kay says:

    Three reasons to love Sew Hip:
    1. A wide range of project in every issue – from table runners to tailored jackets – and varying levels of difficulty
    2. A perfect blend of traditional techniques – such thrifting, patchwork – and modern – fabric on demand, sewing on the net.
    3. An open door policy for new and aspiring designers to encourage new talent.

  57. polinka says:

    1. everyday style
    2. Inspiring pictures
    3. Great patterns


  58. Pinktulip says:

    I live in South Africa and our local book shops sell many knitting, crocheting and some quilting magazines, but no sewing magazines. I was delighted when Sew Hip launched and Mandy in your office has been fantastic to allow me to purchase a single copy every month until I had saved enough money to take out a subscription two months ago. I love everything about the magazine, but if I have to give my three top reasons, here they are:

    -Full-size patterns are fantastic! (I have made 3 of the skirts feautured already.)
    -Book reviews ( I have purchased 5 books on your recommendations so far.)
    -Informative articles – I love the articles on designers, what is available in shops and generally about the sewing industry.

    The magazine just gets better every month and I am so glad I subscribed. If I am lucky enough to win any of your samples, I am quite happy to pay for airmail. Keep up the great work on Sew Hip!

  59. Thedottyone says:

    Three reasons:
    – Sewing ideas for all abilities
    – Use of modern styles and fabrics
    – A sewing mag that’s suitable for young people

    Thanks :o)

  60. Rachel says:

    I love SewHip because:
    1. It’s showing me new skills, like embroidery
    2. All the new talent that I’ve never heard of before
    3. The range of projects that are in each issue.
    Keep up the good work!

  61. Crafty Claire says:

    I love SewHip because:
    1. Its modern designs appeal to me.
    2. There is a range of projects aimed at different levels of experience, even children can have a go!
    3. The interviews you print with amazing and talented designers, are fantastic.

    Plus all the product reviews and print and pattern, need I go on?!?

  62. well, this looks like a giveaway too good to miss, i like ‘sew hip’ because,

    1. it has a fresher, more modern slant than existing uk sewing magazines
    2. although it is uk based, i love the fact it uses international designers
    3. it sits side by side with what’s going on in the craft blogging world!

  63. Ange says:

    My three reasons are:
    1. Sew Hip and I seem to be on the same wavelength, eg. I had bought exactly the same Sandi Henderson flannel to make a pair of pj’s, and was wondering how to make a single duvet when I found both in Issue 7.
    2. Sew Hip has introduced me to the wonderful world of sewing blogs where there is an incdedible amount of information and inspiration.
    3. Sew Hip has helped me to appreciate the work of fabric designers, and made me more confident in my taste in fabric.

  64. Lisa says:

    What a giveaway! Terribly jealous what you would have laying around the office. Now why do I love Sew Hip?

    1. It has modern patterns and uses the modern fabrics that I love
    2. The amount of patterns that come with each magazine that I actually would use, it makes it brilliant value
    3. We get it here in Australia!

  65. bex says:

    right 3 reasons…
    1.i was looking for a funky sewing magazine for ages when i came across issue one on the shelves of wh smiths.
    2. it is at the for-front of whats going on in the crafting world.
    3. the pull out patterns and easy to follow instructions are great!!!

  66. Helen says:

    I startedd sewing when I was about 10 years old but in recent years sewing has taken a back seat to family life. Sew Hip has
    1. Ispired me with new ideas and projects that I can do with scraps of fabrics while hanging around between dancing lessons, swimming lessons etc.
    2. Provides useful info and contact details for gorgeous fabrics, notions, books……… (I could go on and on)
    3. It is the most delightful treat with a coffee and a cake!

  67. Bryony says:

    I just got my first Sew Hip Magazine and absolutely love it! My three reasons are:

    1.It’s really modern and stylish
    2.Me and my children loved making the alien toys together
    3.It inspires recycling projects

  68. TRACEY bRIGGS says:

    I think it has a good mix of craft and fashion
    It stylish but that does distract from the substance
    I dont feel I need to be 100 to buy it

    regards Tracey

  69. Kathryn McCamley says:

    great magazine

    1. Patterns are young and contemporary
    2. always great colour mixes
    3. UK based, so far more accessible than US magazines, in terms of products refered etc

  70. 1.easy to read
    2.chats with craft/designer people and photos of their workplaces/stash etc
    3.projects suitable for kids

  71. rachel says:

    1.Saves me having to go to the US to buy stylish craft mags.
    2.Lovely range of projects and techniques.
    3.Fantastic articles and interviews with inspiring designers spreading the word that sewing is soooo hip.

  72. Spacegirl says:

    I love Sew Hip because it’s…

    INSPIRING – it’s got me all fired up and ready to sew!

    ECO – *love* the ideas for reusing fabric

    CHIC – the designers! the patterns!! the fabric!!!

  73. Jane Weston says:

    Best 3 reason I like Sew Hip
    -UK based!
    -making sewing a “in” thing
    -great patterns!

  74. Lyndy Young says:

    Hi thanks for such a lovely magazine, we are about 6 weeks behind here in New Zealand but I wait for it to arrive each month at the bookshop. What I love:

    1. I love the patterns, they inspire me to sew and create and the y are modern – not stuffy.
    2. The fellow sewers that you profile, the super stars of crafting and sewing, but they are just every day people.
    3. The colour and design of the magazine – I love all the photos, glimpses into peoples creative spaces and fabric stashes – very nosey I know but I love it.

    Thank you for a lovely magazine!

  75. Sue Bone says:

    I have just bought my first issue this morning on a recommendation from friends. What do I love already:
    1. It suits my level of ability
    2. I have earmarked three must do projects already
    3. It’s just fantastic

  76. Vicky Ferguson says:

    Three things to love about Sew Hip (can I only have three!):
    1. Brilliant range of patterns
    2. Great profiles of designers
    3. Affordable!

  77. emma lock says:

    Just three reasons!?

    1) I am a complete novice at sewing but I can still make things from your magazine. e.g. popover sundress
    2) It’s up-to-date

    3) Great value for money considering the price of a pattern in the shops

  78. My three reasons include…
    1) Such good reviews on designers and their fabrics
    2) Extremely inspiring interviews showcasing new talent

  79. *Showcasing new fabric designs
    *Extremely inspiring new talent interviews
    *Well explained workable patterns

  80. Carol says:

    Just bought my first copy. Looks terrific.
    I’m looking forward to getting more electronically.

  81. Sophie says:

    reasons to love Sew Hip

    1. I can read it on the train without embarassment!
    2. If I read it before bed I can dream of all the projects I will create
    3. It shines a ray of sewing dizziness into my normal life – bliss!

    I have never written into a mag to say how much I enjoy it but SH and its sister mags are my new drug of choice – thanks!

  82. emma says:

    1. I’ve discovered a new friend (the mag) and a new sideline career (I have to sell the things I make to justify the expense of all this fabric I’m now buying)

    2. It’s addictive. Since I was 7 and reading Twinkle, I’ve always been looking forward to a publication date of my favourite magazine. Over the years it’s been Smash Hits, The Face, Company, Living etc and then in my thirties, I had nothing that I loved that much. Then just as I was giving up hope Sew Hip was launched and I am an addict again. Constantly looking through my back issues and eagerly awaiting the new issue.

    3. There isn’t a page in there which I don’t enjoy including the adverts. The projects are wide ranging from things I can aspire to doing to stuff I can make up in a few hours. They’re quirky, fun and modern and truly desirable. I ordered a back issue of issue 1 just to make the mini tote which I saw on the readers page of a later issue.

  83. Karen says:

    2. my dog likes to watch me read it
    3. i like the un-grandma styles

  84. Fi says:

    Reasons I like Sew Hip?

    1 – It’s got me scanning the newsagent’s shelves for it’s arrival.

    2 – It’s got me sewing (I thought I was too busy.)

    3 – It’s got my 9 year old off the computer.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  85. Ruth says:

    I like lots of things about the magazine – here are today’s top 3:

    – practical – good patterns and good instructions
    – lots of it – there are sew many projects and ideas
    – community – i feel like i’m no longer on my own, there are other (women) out there……

    Here’s to the future!


  86. ooooh how exciting cheers me up when i am feeling low
    2.the pictures are so inspiring
    3.its written by people who love the art of sewing which makes me happy in my belly

  87. Winsome Evans says:

    What a great magazine! something for everyone whatever their sewing interest, whatever their age.
    a) the projects are different and achievable
    b) has introduced me to lots of sewing and craft sites, and great designers.
    c) should be on the school curriculum to introduce young ones to the pleasure and satisfaction of being creative.
    No need to ask you to keep up the good work as you’ve obviously started as you mean to go on.

    best wishes Winsome

  88. roses100 says:

    Sew Hip is fabulous because:

    1) Its a great resource for finding places to buy vintage fabrics to be recycled into another super project.

    2) It draws my attention to new talented artists and designers to look out for.

    3) The wide variety of patterns for different purposes and projects in size. Especially patterns to allow usage of scrap/discarded fabrics, so not a thread is wasted!

    Keep up the good work :o)

  89. izziwizzi (queensland) says:

    sew hip is so amazing thst i have to drive to three different shopping centres just to see if they have one I live in australia and its only in the very large newsagents and then many only seem to stock one copy!!!! – it makes you want to move back to the UK, I have just bought my second issue No 5 yesterday and cant wait to start sewing.
    three reasons I love sew Hip
    1.modern funky patterns –
    2.inspirational articles
    3.fanatstic reviews of books that i now just HAVE to get even though I know the postage over here will be outrageous!!

  90. Peablesb says:

    I only discovered your fab mag this week and its ace.

    Three lovely things about Sew Hip

    1) Its sew thrifty
    2) Its sew easy to understand the patterns
    3) It makes me sew creative!

  91. Ange says:

    Sew Hip “Let me count the ways in which I love thee”
    1. You introduced me to the inspiring world of sewing blogs
    2. We seem to be on the same wavelength – I was looking to make a duvet and had bought red flannel to make pj’s and guess what? both were in the last issue.
    3. The fabric and clothes designers you interview have made me really appreciate their work.

  92. jacqueline says:

    I like Sew Hip because:

    It’s modern
    It has patterns for all abilities
    It has lots of good ideas



  93. barbara lagard says:

    1.full of colored ideas
    2. easy to follow explanations
    3.exactly what I need to exite my imagination

    Continue, you’re perfects!
    thank you so much,

  94. kate smith says:

    3 reasons why i love sewhip
    – patterns are funky yet totally achievable
    – you feature designers/fabrics which have really inspired me to get my sewing machine out again
    – something for my kids to get involved in as well – my two boys are looking forward to crafting the felt aliens over half-term!

  95. Hilary says:

    It is so good to be able to get a British mag, I like the way you have some really simple ideas and patterns, but also some more advanced techniques to help us along a bit! Sewing at school put me off things like patterns and zips for yonks, but now there is so many great fabric and ideas, I feel able to have a bash at the scarier side of sewing!

  96. Shannon says:

    I love the examples
    I love the photos
    I love how I feel inspired to create something whenever I look at the page!

  97. trixi says:

    I love Sew Hip because it’s:

    sew H elpful
    sew I nspirational
    sew P erfect

  98. Sarah Heathfield says:

    I love Sew Hip because:

    It’s great for beginners like me
    It has fab reviews of books & patterns
    & it’s modern & up to date

    I’m definately going to subscribe so I don’t miss any!

  99. Renee Walsh says:

    I stumbled on the magazine quite by accident…

    1. It’s sew totally cool and hip of course
    2. It’s sew totally unique based on what else is out there in the market
    4. Inspires and motivates me to create
    3. I can’t wait to read and explore from cover to cover when each issue arrives

  100. Maria Alvarez says:

    I love this magazine

    – it is full of ideas
    – great for all skill levels
    – it appeals to a wide range of people (it’s got something for everyone!)

    Great giveaways!

  101. Laura says:

    1. Because it is exactly what I was looking for- cool fabrics, designers and things to make- and filled a vital gap in the market
    2. Because its British and showcases all the best British designers and craftspeople
    3. Because it is so inspiring and I’ve already made so many of the things inside!

  102. Bibliophile says:

    Three reasons? Easy!

    1) Fashion forward clothing for adults and kiddos.
    2) Great patterns to use with jelly rolls, fat quarters, charm packs and other pre-cut fabrics for those of us with more limited time.
    3) Unique and fun quilt projects, like the Summer Mystery Quilt!

  103. Kuka says:

    1) Sew Hip has the broadest most international feel of any craft magazine I read – I live in Australia, and love the fact that when I pick up the latest issue I am just as likely to see an article about one of our local talents as someone in the US.

    2) It is affordable – lots of the international magazines get wildly marked up over here, and even some of the local ones are quite pricey. I can buy Sew Hip for less than $10AUS, and given the number of projects I love in each issue EVERY issue has at least one project I want to make (or 2, or 7!) – it is far and away the best value crafty mag I know of.

    3) I love all the interviews with people who I recognise as some of my very favourite crafty bloggers.

  104. 1. It’s fresh, it’s fun and it caters to all ages, whether you’re a mum or not

    2. The patterns are fantastic and very unfussy.

    3. SewHip is excellent value for money – $9.99 makes it on par with the cost of a local magazine (I’m in Australia)

  105. claudia says:

    i like it
    a) good ideas for making stuff
    b) interesting articles about very creative people
    c) cool pictures
    best wishes from munich!

  106. Fiona says:

    My 3 reasons for loving Sew Hip are:

    1. It’s frump-free! Finally a sewing magazine that isn’t aimed at women who are stuck in a fashion time warp!

    2. As a new sewer I find the instructions easy to follow and they are not full of jargon I don’t understand. I am much more confident when trying more advanced projects.

    3. Sew hip has made me realise that I can recycle items instead of buying new fabric. I don’t throw clothes out anymore, I store them in my fabric stash ready for my next Sew Hip project.

  107. Sew Hip is:

    inclusive of all abilities, ages and crafting preferences.

    I love it!

  108. Herbert&Squirbert says:

    Sew Hip is:

    inclusive for all abilities, age and crafting preferences.

    I love it!

  109. klaudia says:

    I love sew and hip because it gives me a lot of new ideas for new projects to have a go at, I find out about a lot of wonderful crafters out there, it’s modern, fresh and it just makes me wanna buy it!!

  110. Victoria Joelle says:

    1: Everything is really simply explained which makes it really approachable for beginners.
    2:There is such a good mix of projects from clothes to quilts
    3:The fabric reviews are indispensable for me as trying to find decent fabric locally is a nightmare

    Keep up the fab work. I’ve only had the 2 most recent issues and I’m in love with your publication already!

  111. Fubsy says:

    1. I am becoming interested in sewing again after deciding I absolutely cant sew. This is entirely down to Sew Hip, as you make sewing sound straightforward and achievable.

    2. I have taken out a subscriprion without actually trying out my old sewing machine – heck, if it doesnt work, I will just look at the pictures! πŸ˜‰

    3. It has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of fabrics (just what I needed when my house is disppearing under my yarn stash!) I love some of the fabrics you have showcased – so different from the same old stuff in clothes shops.

  112. Bev says:

    Three things I love about Sew Hip

    1) Modern
    2) Well written
    3) Inspirational

    Keep up the good work!

  113. I love the name, the patterns included, and the entire perspective of Sew Hip.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Erika says:

    I live in the USA, so I’m not able to get my hands on issues all that often. In fact, I just found your issue 6 earlier this week while on a business trip to Baltimore!

    I love your magazine because:
    1) it is relevant to today’s sewing/crafting world–there are modern designs, ideas and patterns. Not only that, but it embraces the web/blog world. This magazine is designed for TODAY!

    2) it inspires–I can’t tell you how I want to run to my machine the minute I start flipping through your pages.

    3) The projects are approachable. I don’t feel intimidated as I read through a project. Any skill level can wrap their hands around the projects.

    Thanks so much for including me in your raffle! Erika

  115. Laura Simpkins says:

    The 3 reasons why I love Sew hip are…

    1. It is exactly right for me now: the things
    I want to make with the material I want to own

    2. It makes a great read even if you are just dreaming
    about having enough time one day to make things

    3. I got in on the act from Issue 1 so will have my
    own proper collection

  116. Laura Mason says:

    1. Interesting articles especially the interviews.
    2. Product reviews.
    3. Affordable.

  117. B says:

    I was sent a copy of your magazine from a friend currently living in the UK. What a great thing to get in the mail!

    -I loved the pattern insert, but who wouldn’t right?
    -The inspiration was fantastic and got me wanting to get sewing the second I opened it up.
    -It wasn’t too easy and dull, but wasn’t too hard.

  118. I love your magazine! I’m 26 and love sewing, but before I found your mag there was little choice or inspiration for us young’uns and young at heart! Thanks so much for being there!

  119. Kate says:

    I love that it is full of wonderful projects, colorful examples, and great inspiration!

  120. Nancy says:

    It’s all about one of my favorite subjects- sewing!
    The name reflects how I feel about my sewing life-hip!
    And giveaways are really fun, so I love Sew Hip for doing a giveaway!

  121. Louise says:

    I absolutely love this magazine it is brilliant because:

    I get inspired to do things from it, which I then take into my classroom with me and have inspired many students to make things as well. and its young not like some of the other magazines, this seems aimed at people my age (20 somethings)

  122. Shauna Jared says:

    I LOVE your magazine! I live in the US (Nashville, Tennessee) and found an issue at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore. It was just what I have been looking for – awesome projects, tons of cool ideas and inspiration, and beginner-friendly! I rushed home, got on your website, and subscribed! I can’t wait to receive the next copy…. keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚

  123. kaffiknopf says:

    Oh, I could list much more than 3 things!
    But the most, I love
    – the graphical design (very important)
    – the fabric, you use
    – the people, you show

  124. lisa says:

    My 5 year old daughter and i are loving the magazine with things to excite and inspire us both equally, in the words of my daughter:-
    2. Really cool
    3. It’s actually very interesting.

  125. Helen says:

    I’d love to enter your giveaway, Young at heart if not in years, and with many young friends, I am just starting sewing and in the process of looking for a sewing machine (my head is in a whirl with all the machine choices actually)!

    Why I like Sew Hip:
    1)easy to read and enjoy
    2)encouraging and friendly
    3)useful projects and helpful information

    Thank you.

  126. Helen says:

    I’d love to enter your giveaway, Young at heart if not in years, and with many young friends, I am just starting sewing and in the process of looking for a sewing machine – my head is in a whirl with all the choice actually!

    Why I like Sew Hip:
    1)easy to read and enjoy
    2)encouraging and friendly
    3)useful projects and helpful information.

  127. Clare says:

    sew hip is …

    … sew inspirational – with projects for all ages and abilities presented in a straightforward and encouraging style
    … sew contemporary – with ideas that reflect current wearable styles and trends and that can be tailored to my personal taste
    …sew eco-friendly – with projects that suggest or can be adapted to suit recycled materials (not to mention downloadable issues to save on paper!)

    thanks sew hip team! πŸ™‚

  128. busyfingers101 says:

    3 reasons why I love “Sew Hip” – how can I choose only 3 …….?

    1. It’s a UK magazine. There are so few British magazines available it’s wonderful when a new one appears on the market.

    2. The free pull-out pattern in every issue. It’s like having a free gift every month.

    3. The magazine is funky not stuffy. You are bringing the craft of stitching right into the 21st century!

  129. J says:

    I love sewhip because

    1) I love the embroidery patterns, they’re not too ‘twee’
    2) I love reading about other crafters, they’re inspirational
    3) plus the free patterns of course!

  130. Vix says:

    I love the magazine, it fills a real gap in the UK market, and the hard thing about this will be choosing just 3 things. Here goes….

    1. I love the look and contemporary nature of the patterns. Just about every item calls to me to make it (somewhat problematic this as I do not have much time to spare).
    2. I made the peasant top from issue 1 for my baby, it was really quick to make and she looks so lovely in it. This has inspired me to get back to making clothes again as I hadn’t for years.
    3. I love the reviews – I now own Amy Butler’s little stitches, Heather Ross’s weekend sewing and have looked up various patterns (clothkits, Oliver + S)on the internet. Again, it’s making me to want to sew things in a way that I haven’t for many years.

    Thanks so much for a great magazine.

  131. Rachel Jarvis says:

    oooh, what a super giveaway!

    – It’s cram packed with fantastic inspiration and contemporary and funky designs and ideas that make me giddy with excitement (hehe, no exaggeration!).
    – Advertisements are an essential part for magazines, so it’s refreshing to find one that keeps them to a minimum and more importantly that the adverts that do appear are sewing/craft based.
    – Gives the opportunity for readers to be introduced to established designers through fabulous interviews (featuring pictures of beautiful makes and delicious studios!)and indirectly to their personal sewing blogs for even more loveliness.

    So, thank you very much indeed!:)

  132. RachelQ says:

    Your magazine is

  133. belueinc says:

    I don’t know if I can only list 3 reasons why I like Sew Hip. Right now, I’m waiting anxiously for my husband to come back from his business trip to the UK with issue 7 (OK, I miss him too, but I’m looking really looking forward to the current issue)! I’m requesting a subscription to your magazine for my anniversary gift this year.

    * I love the interviews and inspiring craft studio highlights.
    * As a mother of 2 toddlers, I’m always looking for kid craft projects.
    * The pattern insert is such a wonderful added bonus.

  134. Sarah says:

    1) My subscription was a present from my sister, so every time it arrives, I’m reminded of her.

    2) There’s a great mix of patterns. Although I don’t usually want to make everything in each issues, there’s always at least one that gets put on the top of the sewing pile.

    3) Serious and intelligent articles.

  135. Kathleen says:

    I adore your magazine but am now saddened it will not be in digital form anymore. I’ll have to subscribe with the next issues.

    And who doesn’t love freebies?


  136. sandra says:

    1. interesting/ fresh NEW look 2. patterns are there 3. the use of cutting edge fabric Articles are special, too Love it can’t wait to get next issue

  137. Jo Cole says:

    The main 3 reasons I love Sew Hip:

    1. Its given me a fresh new perspective on my favourite hobby. I love the articles and review of the fabric and pattern designers! Not just well-known but up and coming too!

    2. Its approachable style has given me confidence to have a go and test my skill level!

    3. The patterns have hit the right spot and each issue I am itching to have a go!

    Sew Hip has brought home sewing back from extinction! Okay maybe thats an exaggeration but until I discovered Sew Hip at the end of December, I was getting disheartened with the other sewing publications!

  138. Katie says:

    1) I like the book reviews.
    2) all the lovely bit in the Print and Pattern pages
    3) Sharing on your Flickr page

  139. Keri says:

    1. It’s very up to date on new designers- both fabric and pattern.
    2. Great aesthetics.
    3. So many patterns included!

  140. Amby says:

    1. I love the creative patterns and the visual photos.
    2. The reviews really help me out and saves me time.
    3. The whole idea, that it’s different than other craft magazines and it opens up a different creative side!

  141. Esther says:

    1. It’s got the pattern insert (useful)
    2. Good ideas for reusing things (making trousers out of an old shirt)
    3. Quirky, inspiring ideas too!


  142. Harriet says:

    Hi there. Just thought I’d leave a comment – not going to pass up the opportunity for free sewing bits that might spark the imagination. So my 3 reasons:
    one, It doesn’t make my head hurt – the instructions are good and simple so I can manage even if I’m having a blonde day.
    two, It’s super inspiring. All the pictures, projects and website suggestions fill my head with ideas and because it’s a magazine, I can easily keep coming back to it when my head overloads.
    and three, It has the word hip in the title so my Dad will happy buy it for me!

  143. Krysia says:

    Ok, so how much do I love Sew Hip??!! I have just subscribed and now happily tucked up with Sew Hip and the laptop!

    The reasons I love it so much are:
    1) I have actually sewn something from each mag ‘sew’ far ;o)
    2) Not only has it inspired me to buy more fabric, but also use some from my monster stash, much to my husbands joy. tee hee.
    3) My daughter now has some great additions to her wardrobe, new toys and cushions that are the envy of both her and my friends!

    Great mag, can’t wait for the next issue already.
    Thanks guys

  144. georgina says:

    Whoop whoop! My attempt for your goodie goodies…here goes….

    1/ Loving the slightly smug and oh so ‘green’ feeling it gives me to ‘Reuse and Recycle’ old fabric ; turning shirts into laptop bags! Brilliant! The modern day version of ‘Make do and Mend!’. My granny is very proud.
    2/ Crafting urge fulfilled and fabric fetish satisified just by turning the pages. Have a 18month old and a 4month old so have little time to ‘get crafty’ but just enough to sit down with a cuppa and plan all the projects I’ll be doing soon and with what fabulous fabric.
    3/ Book reviews are great becuase once I’m done reading the mag I can indulge once more in the top rated books. I save money on only getting the books that I think are just the ticket. (although my bedside cabinet is now a marvellous heap of magazines and books!)

    Thanks Sew Hip…

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