Holiday season

Anna will be back from Japan this week while I will be heading off to the South West with my family for a week so we’ll be like ships passing in the night, with piles of emails and submissions handed off from one of us to the other. If you try and contact me this week, I won’t be back online and answering emails until 21st April so bear with me.

Just to prove to you that the Sew Hip team are dedicated sewists though, I thought I’d leave you with a photo of my son in a shirt I made for him from Heather Ross’s amazing new book, Weekend Sewing.   We reviewed the book in issue 6 and really couldn’t find enough words to express how amazing the book was.  We have a gorgeous design from Heather in issue 7 as well as an interview and a preview of her new range of fabric which is just gorgeous.  I may even organise a giveaway for some pieces of the fabric when I’m back from holiday, I’ll see what we have leftover after the quilt in progress for issue 9 has been completed.


So here is the boys shirt, doesn’t he look grown up?  I’ll confess to cheating slightly and cutting the pieces from one of my husbands old shirts so I didn’t actually make the button band and I only made the collar smaller rather than making it from scratch.  I did have to resize the pattern to fit my tall and skinny almost 5 year old as the pattern only goes up to age 3 but on the whole I was really pleased with it.  Its hard to find good boys patterns, something that we are looking to achieve with a GORGEOUS boys pattern in issue 8, designed by one of our fast becoming favourite contributors Tracy Cushing.

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  1. Kay says:

    I so agree about the difficulty in finding boys’ clothes patterns – there’s a plethora of stuff for younger girls, everywhere you look, but almost nothing for boys aged over 4. Looking forward to any attempts to address this in future editions of Sew Hip!

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