Errata and therefore, pattern checker. And a hello to Alex.

There are a few pattern errors that have been bought to my attention recently, we are busy compiling a list of them and will be updating the website soon.  Apologies that they slipped through our proof reading net, which brings me onto my next point.  We’re looking to hire a freelance pattern checker.  It needs to be someone with good sewing experience who can look at a pattern, read it through and spot what is missing, incorrect, needs clarifying.  We have a technical editor on board who takes care of all the sizing of the garments so it would just be the pattern instructions that would need to be checked and formatted.

This role is home based and freelance and would suit someone who can spare a couple of hours a week to read through Word documents, highlight changes and liase directly with designers through email.   All applications should be emailed to before the end of January.  Successful applicants will be contacted the first week in February, if your application is not successful we may not be able to reply to you, depending on the number of applicants.  You can also call 01279  874630 for more information.

Finally, a big hello to Alex who joined us last week as Sew Hip production editor.   She is based in the Hertfordshire office and can be contacted on the above number.  Her role in the magazine is to pull everything together, chase copy, write and edit and generally make sure that the magazine comes together on deadline.  Her email is if you want to drop her an email and say hello.

11 Responses to “Errata and therefore, pattern checker. And a hello to Alex.”
  1. Just bought my first issue! (no. 3). Found it in my local paper shop. Yippee. Hubby was pleased to see me reading not blogging for a change on a Sunday morning; little does he know that some of my fave bloggers are featured! HAHA! Another addiction begins.
    Had to laugh at your job ad. You could probably get a team of volunteers to do it for you! Afterall. Much better to get it checked by people who don’t know what they’re doing – we’re far more likely to hit black holes in the instructions than a pro!
    GREAT publication. Not like anything else on the shelves – not where I live anyway!

  2. Claire Hi says:

    Hi just got your first edition here in Aus great mag,can’t wait for number 2, will be ordering it here from my lovely newsagent,who will say “another one Claire!!”. I tell her I am contributing to her super annuation fund!!

  3. sarah france says:

    I am a huge fan of your magazine!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  4. SESGA says:

    I love your New magazine ,and I’m going to make the dress from issue 2 are there any problems with it .Pleas come and visit my blog and take a peak at what I do ,I do Dream of being featured in your Magazine one day .
    love from sesga x

  5. Amber says:

    It was nice to see your blog.Just Keep Writing!

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  6. susan says:

    i love your mag! i bought the second issue but cant find the third. is there anyway to find what american distributors carry it? i thought i bought it at borders, but now am not sure

  7. Carli says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  8. Loraine says:

    Hi, I absolutely LOVE your magazine and finally subscribed today. Please update your blog more often. It would be so nice to see what is coming in future issues! Keep up the great work. The magazine gets better every month!

  9. Kelly says:

    Hi, I recently bought Issue 3 of Sew Hip here in Australia and plan to continue buying the mag. Is it possible to backorder Issues 1 & 2? Great magazine, I love it. Thanks 🙂

  10. Carol Stripe says:

    Just wondering if the blog was still active?

  11. Alubteste says:

    Outstanding web site.. hope to visit soon..

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