Vacancy – Editor

We wanted to let you know that as of yesterday,  Manda McGrory has resigned as Editor of Sew Hip.  Manda is no longer working on the magazine and will be concentrating on her design company, Treefall Design from now on.
We are actively seeking a replacement editor for the magazine, until someone is hired Kerrie Allman, Senior Editor, will be managing the day to day running of the magazine.  Any queries regarding the vacancy, contributing designs or features to the magazine or anything else at all to do with Sew Hip should be directed to her at
One Response to “Vacancy – Editor”
  1. Jan Comley says:

    Might like to be considered for the editor’s vacancy, should it still be available, but would like to know more. Have been largely working from home on various projects for the last seven months (including editing for David & Charles), and before that edited the biweekly part-work, Creative Papercraft’, for GE Fabbri, for four years.
    If the post is still open and you’d like to know more about me, by all means drop me an email and I’ll get my CV off to you!

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