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Here at Sew Hip we like to review patterns by actually making them and posting photos of the finished items rather than just reading and reviewing a pattern.  However, there are only so many hours in the day and the Sew Hip team don’t have time to review as many of the lovely patterns that we receive as we would like.

That’s where you all come in.

If anyone is interested in reviewing a pattern please email me (  We’ll send you the pattern, you’ll need to provide the fabric and the time to make the pattern, usually within 2 / 3 weeks of us sending it to you.  YOu’ll also need to send the sample into us for photos (we’ll send it straight back) and be prepared to write some words on your experience with the pattern.

We’d like people with all levels of sewing experience to review patterns for us, the patterns themselves range from kids to adults clothes, toys, bits for the house and pretty much anything else you can think of.  So drop me an email if you might be interested.

Edited to add – thanks so much for all the support, I have enough pattern testers now to last me a while but I’ll open it up again here on the blog if I need any more help.  If you have emailed me and haven’t heard back be patient until the 9th January and then feel free to RE email me.  x

11 Responses to “Pattern Reviews”
  1. bex says:

    Hi there. I’d be happy to review patterns…although i imagine you have had plenty of offers. i make bags purse and jewellery and sell to friends family and whoever comes to my sales. thought i shouold maye ket you know what it is i do.
    take care

  2. Jaike says:

    Hi you, I would be happy to make designs for you, I´m from Germany my adress is

    best regards Jaike

  3. bex says:

    Ermm…i forgot to put my email address (i left a comment on dec18 2008 at 9am)

  4. yep, I’d love to do this! I’ve sent you an email.

    Helen xx

  5. juddie says:

    Hi there,
    I would be happy to review patterns – I’m at the level of basic-intermediate so would prefer relatively simple patterns.


  6. Tina Johnson says:

    Hi, I would love to review patterns. I usually make bags, simple clothes and fancy dress costumes for the children when they need them for school productions.

  7. lindsey giddings says:

    would love to make up patterns , have made so many things from toys to bridemaid cloths . can sew trouser, dungrees, dresses .heres hoping kind regards lindsey

  8. Claire says:

    Hi there,
    I’d love to review any patterns for you. I’m about one step up from a beginner, done a couple a patterns for adult, children’s and bags etc. Is this of any use?
    Claire x

  9. Sarah says:

    I have just been given my first sewing machine and would love to try out some patterns for you. I am of a beginners level at present if that is of any use to you let me know.

    Thanks, Sarah

  10. Tracey briggs says:

    Hi id love to be a pattern reviewer, I have intermediate skills but can do advanced if I put in the effort. I have been sewing for 30 years, clothes, curtains soft furnishings, mens waistcoats, theatre costumes ( inlcuding own designs) and in more recent years kids fancy dress and dressing up outfits ( roman gladiators and centurions, captin jack sparrow, knight with embroidered tabard! hippies and halloween costumes ( other mothers hate me!!! for my attention to detail and complicated outfits))

    love the new magazine

    regards Tracey briggs

  11. Claire J says:

    I would very much like to review patterns. I make all types of items, from bags to costumes and corsets.
    My more recent makes can be seen on Flickr, just search for Corset Claire


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