We receive so many brilliant ideas for contributions to the magazine on a daily basis, we currently have lots and lots of great patterns, tutorials and features to share with you.

A couple of areas that are not as forthcoming as others though, adults clothes patterns and features / articles on amazing UK sewing and fabric people.   So, if anyone has anything that they would like to contribute or suggest for the magazine on either of those counts please send us an email to

4 Responses to “Contributors”
  1. Kay says:

    Just wondering if issue 2 has actually hit the newsstands yet? I’ve looked for it several times in WHSmith, where I saw issue 1 for sale, but not there. Is it published yet?

  2. Hi

    I’m a UK sewer, I’d love to be featured! I’ve sent you an email!

    Helen x

  3. I’m a UK designer/fabric crafter. I would love to be featured! My next project I have designed is a Victorian inspired love heart for Valentines day! I’m working on them at the moment so they’re not in the eshop yet. However my beautiful crazy patchwoek bags are!!
    Come and have a look see what you think! At the very least you’ll add to my robot spiders!!!

  4. There are a lot of very talented designers with some beautiful pieces listed on

    Fabric Nation and Sweetpea4kids are just two of note and definitely worth a look.

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